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"Silene alba" - Silene latifolia ssp alba
"Silene armeria Globosa" - Silene armeria fa. compacta None-so-pretty
"Silene armeria v rubra E." - Silene armeria Electra purple-pink
"Silene baccifer" - Cucubalus baccifer
"Silene brachypetala" - Silene nocturna
"Silene chalcedonica Carnea" - Silene chalcedonica Dusky Salmon
"Silene coeli-rosa Alba" - Silene coeli-rosa Alba
"Silene compacta" - Silene orientalis
"Silene cucubalus" - Silene vulgaris
"Silene dioica Aurea" - Silene Rays Golden Campion
"Silene fulgens" - Silene banksia
"Silene glauca" - Silene secundiflora
"Silene inflata" - Silene vulgaris
"Silene inflata ssp alpina" - Silene prostrata (name unresolved)
"Silene ingramii" - Silene hookeri (Ingramii Group)
"Silene k. A" - Melandrium keiskii Alba
"Silene keiskei" - Melandrium keiskei
"Silene longicalycina" - Silene tachtensis
"Silene maritima" - Silene uniflora
"Silene maritima C." - Silene uniflora Compacta
"Silene maritima R W / W" - Silene uniflora Robin Whitebreast - Weisskehlchen
"Silene otites var. borysthenic" - Silene borysthenica
"Silene parviflora" - Silene borysthenica
"Silene pendula Snowdrop" - Silene pendula Compacta Snowdrop
"Silene porrigens" - Gypsophila pilosa
"Silene pratensis" - Silene latifolia ssp alba
"Silene quinquevulnera" - Silene gallica v quinquevulnera
"Silene undulata" - Silene capensis
"Silene viscosa" - Viscaria viscosa, see Silene v.
"Silene vlokii" - Silene primuliiflora
"Silene vulgaris ssp alpina" - Silene prostrata (name unresolved)
"Silene vulgaris subsp. maritim" - Silene uniflora
"Silene wherryi" - Silene caroliniana

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