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"Acacia sophorae" - Acacia longifolia ssp. sophorae
"Echinosophora koreensis" - Sophora koreensis
"Sophora affinis" - Styphnolobium affinis
"Sophora alpina" - Thermopsis alpina
"Sophora angustifolia" - Sophora flavescens
"Sophora argentea" - Ammodendron bifolium
"Sophora arizonica" - Calia arizonica
"Sophora australis" - Baptisia australis
"Sophora bifolia" - Ammodendron bifolium
"Sophora calyptrata" - Podalyria calyptrata
"Sophora flavescens var. angust" - Sophora flavescens
"Sophora formosa" - Calia arizonica
"Sophora galegoides" - Sophora flavescens
"Sophora glauca" - Sophora velutina ssp zimbabweensis
"Sophora glauca var. albescens" - Sophora albescens
"Sophora heptaphylla" - Aganope heptaphylla
"Sophora japonica" - Styphnolobium japonicum
"Sophora kronei" - Sophora flavescens
"Sophora macnabiana" - Sophora cassioides
"Sophora monosperma" - Ormosia monosperma
"Sophora moorcroftiana var. dav" - Sophora davidii
"Sophora obliqua" - Piptadenia obliqua
"Sophora occidentalis" - Sophora tomentosa
"Sophora platycarpa" - Cladrastis platycarpa
"Sophora rubriflora" - Sophora violacea
"Sophora secundiflora" - Calia secundiflora
"Sophora sericea" - Podalyria sericea
"Sophora sororia" - Sophora flavescens
"Sophora subprostrata" - Sophora tonkinensis
"Sophora tetraptera var. microp" - Sophora microphylla
"Sophora tinctoria" - Baptisia tinctoria
"Sophora velutina var. albescen" - Sophora albescens
"Sophora viciifolia" - Sophora davidii
"Sophora zambesiaca" - Xanthocercis zambesiaca

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