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"Acanthostachys ananassoides" - Ananas ananassoides
"Actinostachys digitata" - Schizaea digitata
"Actinostachys germanii" - Actinostachys pennula
"Adenanthera chrysostachys" - Entada chrysostachys
"Amaranthus chlorostachys" - Amaranthus cruentus
"Amaranthus chlorostachys" - Amaranthus hybridus
"Ananas microstachys" - Ananas ananassoides
"Astragalus callistachys" - Astragalus callistachys
"Cailliea dichrostachys" - Dichrostachys cinerea
"Callistachys cuneifolia" - Isotropis cuneifolia
"Callistachys elliptica" - Oxylobium ellipticum
"Ceratostachys arborea" - Nyssa sessiliflora
"Chorizema callistachys" - Callistachys lanceolata
"Critesion stenostachys" - Hordeum stenostachys
"Cyrtostachys lakka" - Cyrtostachys renda
"Desmanthus trichostachys" - Mimosa cinerea
"Dichrostachys glomerata" - Dichrostachys cinerea
"Dichrostachys nutans" - Dichrostachys cinerea
"Echinostachys pineliana" - Aechmea pineliana
"Echinostachys reticulata" - Pycnostachys reticulata
"Epidendrum polystachys" - Oeoniella polystachys
"Eustachys caribaea" - Eustachys bahiensis
"Eustachys mutica" - Eustachys paspaloides
"Geonoma macrostachys v macro." - Geonoma atrovirens
"Gymnotrix macrostachys" - Pennisetum macrostachys
"Halostachys belangeriana" - Halostachys caspica
"Haplostachys grayana var. angu" - Haplostachys haplostachya
"Haplostachys gymnocephalus" - Aster gymnocephalus
"Haplostachys haplostachya var." - Haplostachys haplostachya
"Indigofera malacostachys" - Indigofera melanadenia
"Laboucheria chlorostachys" - Erythrophleum chlorostachys
"Lupinus macrostachys" - Lupinus bolivianus
"Manfreda brachystachys" - Manfreda scabra
"Nardostachys jatamansi" - Nardostachys grandiflora
"Nardostachys jatamansi" - Valeriana jatamansi
"Oxylobium callistachys" - Callistachys lanceolata
"Oxypetalum callistachys" - Callistachys lanceolata
"Pachystachys riedeliana" - Pachystachys spicata
"Phyllostachys aureosulcata f. " - Phyllostachys aureosulcata
"Phyllostachys bambusoides var." - Phyllostachys bambusoides
"Phyllostachys bambusoides var." - Phyllostachys bambusoides
"Phyllostachys castilloni" - Phyllostachys bambusoides
"Phyllostachys castillonis" - Phyllostachys bambusoides
"Phyllostachys congesta" - Phyllostachys heteroclada
"Phyllostachys decora" - Phyllostachys mannii
"Phyllostachys edulis var. hete" - Phyllostachys edulis svs
"Phyllostachys fastuosa" - Semiarundinaria fastuosa
"Phyllostachys heterocycla" - Phyllostachys edulis svs
"Phyllostachys heterocycla f. p" - Phyllostachys edulis svs
"Phyllostachys marliacea" - Phyllostachys bambusoides
"Phyllostachys mazelli" - Phyllostachys bambusoides
"Phyllostachys mitis" - Phyllostachys edulis svs
"Phyllostachys pubescens" - Phyllostachys edulis svs
"Phyllostachys pubescens var. h" - Phyllostachys edulis svs
"Phyllostachys purpurata" - Phyllostachys heteroclada
"Phyllostachys quilioi" - Phyllostachys bambusoides
"Phyllostachys reticulata" - Phyllostachys bambusoides
"Phyllostachys reticulata var. " - Phyllostachys bambusoides
"Phyllostachys ruscifolia" - Shibataea kumasaca
"Phyllostachys tranquillans" - Hibanobambusa tranquillans
"Plectostachys serphyllifolia" - Helichrysum microphyllum Silver Mist pellets
"Pollinia leptostachys" - Eulalia leptostachys
"Psoralea lachnostachys" - Cullen lachnostachys
"Psoralea lasiostachys" - Otholobium pubescens
"Pycnostachys pubescens" - Pycnostachys urticifolia
"Salvia lasiostachys" - Salvia aurita v aurita
"Stachys" - Betonica laevigata
"Stachys agraria" - Stachys crenata
"Stachys artemisia" - Leonurus japonicus
"Stachys betonica" - Stachys officinalis
"Stachys byz.Olympica improved" - Stachys palaestina Pure Cotton
"Stachys byzantina" - Stachys palaestina
"Stachys byzantina O." - Stachys palaestina Olympica
"Stachys densiflora" - Stachys monieri
"Stachys elliptica var. pusilla" - Stachys pusilla
"Stachys foeniculum" - Agastache foeniculum
"Stachys grandiflora" - Stachys macrantha
"Stachys grandiflora Superba" - Stachys macrantha Superba
"Stachys hirta" - Stachys ocymastrum proteg.
"Stachys lanata" - Stachys palaestina
"Stachys lanata S F" - Stachys palaestina Silky Fleece
"Stachys monnieri" - Stachys monieri
"Stachys nivea" - Stachys discolor
"Stachys olympica" - Stachys palaestina
"Stachys sericea" - Stachys emodi
"Stachys serrata" - Stachys grandidentata
"Stachys sieboldii" - Stachys affinis tubers Crosne du Japon
"Stachys tuberifera" - Stachys affinis tubers Crosne du Japon
"Stachystemon vermicularis" - Pseudanthus vermicularis
"Urginea brachystachys" - Drimia brachystachys
"Urostachys hippurideus" - Huperzia hippuridea
"Urostachys hippurideus var. mo" - Huperzia montana
"Urostachys pithyoides" - Huperzia pithyoides

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