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"Sulcorebutia alba" - Rebutia vasqueziana
"Sulcorebutia albida" - Rebutia albida Aquile Rio Grande Bo. (name unresol
"Sulcorebutia albissima" - Sulcorebutia mentosa ssp. mentosa b
"Sulcorebutia albissima WK679" - Sulcorebutia mentosa ssp. mentosa WK679
"Sulcorebutia arenacea" - Rebutia arenacea HS30
"Sulcorebutia augustinii" - Sulcorebutia mentosa ssp. mentosa augustinii
"Sulcorebutia breviflora" - Rebutia breviflora
"Sulcorebutia breviflora ARC" - Rebutia breviflora Arce Rio Caine
"Sulcorebutia caineana v haselt" - Rebutia breviflora haseltoniana
"Sulcorebutia candiae" - Rebutia glomeriseta candiae
"Sulcorebutia cardenasiana P" - Rebutia cardenasiana Pasorapa
"Sulcorebutia clizensis" - Rebutia clizensis Cliza name unrecognised
"Sulcorebutia crispata" - Rebutia pulchra
"Sulcorebutia crispata L390" - Rebutia pulchra L390 Sopachuy
"Sulcorebutia crispata Z" - Rebutia pulchra HS125 Zudanez
"Sulcorebutia cuprea" - Rebutia cuprea
"Sulcorebutia cylindrica" - Rebutia cylindrica
"Sulcorebutia cylindrica v. alb" - Rebutia cylindrica albiflora
"Sulcorebutia erinacea" - Rebutia neocumingii ssp. neocumingii b
"Sulcorebutia fischeriana" - Rebutia canigueralii
"Sulcorebutia flavissima" - Sulcorebutia mentosa ssp. mentosa flavissima
"Sulcorebutia flavissima" - Rebutia flavistyla below Cajas Tarija Bol.
"Sulcorebutia frankiana" - Rebutia pulchra b
"Sulcorebutia glomerispina M" - Rebutia steinbachii ssp. steinbachii Molinero
"Sulcorebutia hoffmanniana L" - Rebutia steinbachii ssp. steinbachii Lagunillas
"Sulcorebutia krahnii" - Rebutia glomeriseta krahnii
"Sulcorebutia lepida" - Rebutia steinbachii ssp steinbachii lepida
"Sulcorebutia losenickyana" - Rebutia losenickyana
"Sulcorebutia menesesii" - Rebutia menesesii Ayopaya
"Sulcorebutia menesesii M. R." - Rebutia glomeriseta Mat Ritter
"Sulcorebutia menesesii non c." - Rebutia pulchra KK1266 Zudanez
"Sulcorebutia menesesii v kamie" - Rebutia glomeriseta kamiensis
"Sulcorebutia menesesii v. k," - Rebutia menesesii v. kamiensis L974
"Sulcorebutia menesesii v. kami" - Sulcorebutia arenacea
"Sulcorebutia oenantha" - Rebutia steinbachii ssp steinbachii oenantha
"Sulcorebutia pedroensis C.C." - Rebutia pedroensis Chimori Chuquisaca (name unreso
"Sulcorebutia pojoniensis" - Rebutia pojoniensis Cochabamba (sp. name unresolve
"Sulcorebutia pulchra" - Rebutia pulchra Presto
"Sulcorebutia pulchra v. HS 78a" - Rebutia pulchra HS 078a
"Sulcorebutia purpurea" - Sulcorebutia mentosa
"Sulcorebutia purpurea v. L331" - Sulcorebutia mentosa ssp. purpurea v. L331 Cochaba
"Sulcorebutia scheckii" - Rebutia scheckii Toro Toro San Pedro de Buenav. (n
"Sulcorebutia senilis M." - Rebutia minuscula senilis Murillo
"Sulcorebutia senilis v aur." - Rebutia minuscula senilis aurescens
"Sulcorebutia sp HS100 R. C." - Rebutia sp. unident. HS 100 Rodeo Cochabamba
"Sulcorebutia sp HS100A R." - Rebutia sp. unident. HS 100a Rodeo Bol.
"Sulcorebutia sp HS100B R." - Rebutia sp. unident. HS 100b Rodeo
"Sulcorebutia sp HS188" - Rebutia sp. unident. HS188 Cochabamba Bol.
"Sulcorebutia sp HS9 S. B." - Rebutia sp. unident. HS 9 Sucre Bol.
"Sulcorebutia sp R. P." - Rebutia sp. unident. Ravelo Potosi
"Sulcorebutia sp. nov. HS 212" - Rebutia sp. unident. HS212 Toro-Toro
"Sulcorebutia spp. mix" - Rebutia Sulcorebutia spp. mix
"Sulcorebutia steinbachii red" - Rebutia steinbachii red form
"Sulcorebutia steinbachii v. ho" - Rebutia steinbachii horrida Tiraque
"Sulcorebutia swobodae" - Sulcorebutia mentosa ssp. mentosa
"Sulcorebutia swobodae A." - Rebutia tarabucoensis R66
"Sulcorebutia swobodae M. B." - Rebutia swobodae Mizque Bol.
"Sulcorebutia swobodae v. WK" - Rebutia swobodae v. WK 681
"Sulcorebutia taratensis" - Rebutia steinbachii ssp verticillacantha
"Sulcorebutia taratensis T. B." - Rebutia steinbachii ssp verticillacantha Tarata Bo
"Sulcorebutia tiraquensis KK18" - Rebutia steinbachii ssp tiraquensis KK1801
"Sulcorebutia tiraquensis bic." - Rebutia steinbachii ssp tiraquensis bicolorispina
"Sulcorebutia totorensis" - Rebutia steinbachii ssp tiraquensis totorensis b
"Sulcorebutia totorensis S." - Rebutia steinbachii ssp tiraquensis totorensis Sil
"Sulcorebutia vasqueziana" - Rebutia vasqueziana Sucre-Alamo
"Sulcorebutia verticill. v. app" - Rebutia steinbachii ssp verticillacantha applanata
"Sulcorebutia verticillacantha" - Rebutia steinbachii ssp verticillacantha Mizque
"Sulcorebutia verticillacantha" - Rebutia steinbachii ssp verticillacantha Tarata Bo
"Sulcorebutia vizcarrae fa a." - Sulcorebutia mentosa ssp. purpurea albiflora Cruce
"Sulcorebutia zavaletae" - Rebutia canigueralii b

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