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"Amentotaxus yunnanensis var. a" - Amentotaxus assamica
"Amentotaxus yunnanensis var. f" - Amentotaxus formosana
"Amentotaxus yunnanensis var. p" - Amentotaxus poilanei
"Cephalotaxus chinensis" - Cephalotaxus sinensis
"Cephalotaxus drupacea" - Cephalotaxus harringtonia v. drupacea svs
"Cephalotaxus drupacea var. sin" - Cephalotaxus sinensis
"Cephalotaxus harr. v sinensis" - Cephalotaxus sinensis
"Cephalotaxus sumatrana" - Taxus sumatrana
"Taxus baccata 'Pyramidalis'" - Taxus baccata Erecta
"Taxus baccata ssp cuspidata" - Taxus cuspidata spreadong form typ.
"Taxus baccata ssp wallichiana" - Taxus wallichiana v wallichiana
"Taxus baccata var. chinensis" - Taxus chinensis
"Taxus celebica" - Taxus chinensis
"Taxus chienii" - Pseudotaxus chienii
"Taxus contorta Griff" - Taxus wallichiana v wallichiana
"Taxus cuspidata var. luteobacc" - Taxus cuspidata spreadong form typ.
"Taxus cuspidata var. umbraculi" - Taxus cuspidata spreadong form typ.
"Taxus elongata" - Podocarpus elongatus vsvs
"Taxus falcata" - Afrocarpus falcatus
"Taxus nucifera" - Torreya nucifera
"Taxus spicata" - Prumnopitys andina
"Taxus verticillata" - Sciadopitys verticillata
"Taxus wallichiana v mairei" - Taxus mairei
"Taxus wallichinana v chinensis" - Taxus chinensis
"Taxus yunnanensis Cheng & Fu" - Taxus wallichiana v wallichiana

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