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"Calathea kegeliana" - Calathea bella
"Calathea lancifolia" - Calathea insignis
"Calathea makoyana" - Maranta makoyana
"Calathea ornata 'Albolineata'" - Calathea majestica Albolineata
"Camellia thea" - Camellia sinensis svs
"Cyathea araneosa" - Cyathea schiedeana
"Cyathea caribaea" - Cyathea gleichenioides
"Cyathea cooperi" - Sphaeropteris cooperi
"Cyathea elegans" - Cyathea furfuracea
"Cyathea f" - Alsophila fulva
"Cyathea h" - Alsophila hancockii
"Cyathea molucana" - Schizolaena molucana
"Cyathea sphaeropteris" - Cyathea medullaris name unresolved
"Cyathea stelligera" - Alsophila stelligera
"Cyathea tricolor" - Cyathea dealbata name unresolved
"Dorotheanthus bellidiformis" - Cleretum bellidiformis
"Dorotheanthus bellidiformix m" - Cleretum bellidiformis mix
"Dorotheanthus papulosum" - Cleretum papulosum
"Entada pursathea" - Entada gigas
"Erythea aculeata" - Brahea aculeata
"Erythea armata" - Brahea armata
"Erythea brandegeei" - Brahea brandegeei
"Erythea edulis" - Brahea edulis
"Erythea loretensis" - Brahea brandegeei
"Goethea strictiflora" - Pavonia strictiflora
"Mnesithea exaltata" - Ophiuros exaltatus
"Rhamnus thea" - Sageretia thea
"Sageretia thea v brandrethiana" - Sageretia thea
"Tetrapathea tetrandra" - Passiflora tetrandra
"Thea amplexicaulis" - Camellia amplexicaulis
"Thea cuspidata" - Camellia cuspidata
"Thea forrestii" - Camellia forrestii
"Thea japonica" - Camellia japonica
"Thea miyagii" - Camellia sasanqua
"Thea oleifera" - Camellia oleifera svs
"Thea reticulata" - Gonystylus reticulatus
"Thea sasanqua" - Camellia sasanqua
"Thea shinkoensis" - Pyrenaria microcarpa
"Thea sinensis" - Camellia sinensis svs
"Thea speciosa" - Gordonia axillaris
"Thea stricta jassamica" - Camellia sinensis svs
"Thea taliensis" - Camellia taliensis
"Thea tegmentosa" - Camellia sasanqua
"Thea veridis" - Camellia sinensis svs
"Thea virgata" - Pyrenaria virgata

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