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"Coccothrinax acuminata" - Coccothrinax miraguama
"Coccothrinax anomala" - Zombia antillarum
"Coccothrinax garberi" - Coccothrinax argentata
"Coccothrinax radiata" - Thrinax radiata
"Coccothrinax thrinax" - Thrinax radiata
"Oothrinax anomala" - Zombia antillarum
"Thrinax argentea" - Coccothrinax argentea
"Thrinax barbadensis" - Coccothrinax barbadensis
"Thrinax ekmaniana" - Hemithrinax ekmaniana
"Thrinax elegans" - Coccothrinax argentea
"Thrinax floridana" - Thrinax radiata
"Thrinax garberi" - Coccothrinax argentata
"Thrinax martii" - Thrinax radiata
"Thrinax microcarpa" - Thrinax morrisii
"Thrinax miraguama" - Coccothrinax miraguama
"Thrinax morrisii" - Leucothrinax morrisii
"Thrinax punctulata" - Thrinax morrisii
"Thrinax rivularis v. savannaru" - Hemithrinax rivularis v. savannarum
"Thrinax wendlandiana" - Thrinax radiata
"Trithrinax aculeata" - Cryosophila nana
"Trithrinax brasiliensis v. aca" - Trithrinax acanthocoma
"Trithrinax mauritiiformis" - Sabal mauritiiformis

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