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"Trigonella amana" - Trigonella macrorrhyncha
"Trigonella archiducis-nicolai" - Medicago archiducis-nicolai
"Trigonella arcuata" - Medicago medicaginoides
"Trigonella arenicola" - Medicago arenicola
"Trigonella aschersoniana" - Medicago hypogaea
"Trigonella astroites" - Medicago astroites
"Trigonella aurantiaca" - Medicago phrygia
"Trigonella besseriana" - Trigonella procumbens
"Trigonella biflora" - Medicago biflora
"Trigonella brachycarpa" - Medicago brachycarpa
"Trigonella cancellata" - Medicago medicaginoides
"Trigonella carica" - Medicago carica
"Trigonella crassipes" - Medicago crassipes
"Trigonella fischeriana" - Medicago fischeriana
"Trigonella halophila" - Medicago halophila
"Trigonella hamosa" - Trigonella hierosolymitana
"Trigonella hybrida" - Medicago hybrida
"Trigonella incisa" - Medicago monantha
"Trigonella indica" - Rothia indica
"Trigonella isthmocarpa" - Medicago isthmocarpa
"Trigonella lunata" - Medicago biflora
"Trigonella monantha" - Medicago monantha
"Trigonella monantha subsp. inc" - Medicago monantha
"Trigonella monantha subsp. noe" - Medicago monantha
"Trigonella monspeliaca" - Medicago monspeliaca
"Trigonella noeana" - Medicago monantha
"Trigonella ornithopodioides" - Trifolium ornithopodioides
"Trigonella orthoceras" - Medicago orthoceras
"Trigonella ovalis" - Medicago ovalis
"Trigonella pamphylica" - Medicago pamphylica
"Trigonella persica" - Medicago persica
"Trigonella phrygia" - Medicago phrygia
"Trigonella platycarpos" - Medicago platycarpos
"Trigonella plicata" - Medicago plicata
"Trigonella polycarpa" - Medicago heldreichii
"Trigonella polyceratia" - Medicago polyceratia
"Trigonella popovii" - Medicago popovii
"Trigonella pubescens" - Medicago edgeworthii
"Trigonella radiata" - Medicago radiata
"Trigonella retrorsa" - Medicago retrorsa
"Trigonella rhytidiocarpa" - Medicago rhytidiocarpa
"Trigonella rigida" - Medicago rigida
"Trigonella rostrata" - Medicago rostrata
"Trigonella ruthenica" - Medicago ruthenica
"Trigonella sirjaevii" - Medicago huberi
"Trigonella striata" - Medicago medicaginoides
"Trigonella tenuis" - Medicago medicaginoides

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