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"Tropaeolum canariense (unresol" - Tropaeolum peregrinum Canary Creeper
"Tropaeolum digitatum" - Tropaeolum smithii
"Tropaeolum gracile" - Tropaeolum leptophyllum
"Tropaeolum lobbianum" - Tropaeolum peltophorum Tall Single Mixed
"Tropaeolum lobbianum single mx" - Tropaeolum majus Tall Climbing Single Flowered Mix
"Tropaeolum majus lobbianum mix" - Tropaeolum peltophorum Tall Single Mixed organic
"Tropaeolum majus Spitfire" - Tropaeolum majus Single Orange
"Tropaeolum nanum" - Tropaeolum minus Black Velvet
"Tropaeolum nanum A G" - Tropaeolum minus Tip-Top Alaska Gold variegated
"Tropaeolum nanum A M v" - Tropaeolum minus Tip-Top Alaska Mixed variegated
"Tropaeolum nanum T T G K" - Tropaeolum minus Tom Thumb Golden King
"Tropaeolum nanum T T M" - Tropaeolum minus Tom Thumb Mixture o.p.
"Tropaeolum nanus E o I" - Tropaeolum minus Empress of India
"Tropaeolum tuberosum pilifera" - Tropaeolum tuberosum ssp pilifera Sidney

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