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"Urostigma abutilifolium" - Ficus abutilifolia
"Urostigma bonplandianum" - Ficus bonplandiana
"Urostigma burkei" - Ficus thonningii
"Urostigma caulocarpum" - Ficus caulocarpa
"Urostigma dekdekena" - Ficus thonningii
"Urostigma eugenioides" - Ficus obliqua
"Urostigma ingens" - Ficus ingens
"Urostigma involutum" - Ficus obtusifolia
"Urostigma lapathifolium" - Ficus lapathifolia
"Urostigma luschnathianum" - Ficus luschnathiana
"Urostigma platypodum" - Ficus platypoda
"Urostigma rigidum" - Ficus subgelderi
"Urostigma rubucundum" - Ficus glumosa
"Urostigma strictum" - Ficus stricta
"Urostigma vogelii" - Ficus lutea

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