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"Urtica aestuans" - Laportea aestuans
"Urtica arborea" - Gesnouinia arborea
"Urtica baccifera" - Urera baccifera
"Urtica bulbifera" - Laportea bulbifera
"Urtica canadensis" - Laportea canadensis
"Urtica caracasana" - Urera caracasana
"Urtica cylindrica" - Boehmeria cylindrica
"Urtica diversifolia" - Girardinia diversifolia
"Urtica glaberrima" - Pilea glaberrima
"Urtica interrupta" - Laportea interrupta
"Urtica japonica" - Boehmeria japonica
"Urtica longifolia" - Debregeasia longifolia
"Urtica melastomoides" - Pilea melastomoides
"Urtica serpyllacea" - Pilea serpyllacea
"Urtica trinervia" - Pilea melastomoides
"Urtica villosa" - Fatoua villosa

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