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"Vaccinium africanum" - Vaccinium exul
"Vaccinium alaskaense" - Vaccinium ovalifolium
"Vaccinium alaternoides" - Disterigma alaternoides
"Vaccinium altomontanum" - Vaccinium pallidum
"Vaccinium amoenum" - Vaccinium virgatum
"Vaccinium angustifolium var. h" - Vaccinium angustifolium
"Vaccinium angustifolium var. l" - Vaccinium angustifolium
"Vaccinium angustifolium var. n" - Vaccinium angustifolium
"Vaccinium arkansanum" - Vaccinium fuscatum
"Vaccinium ashei" - Vaccinium virgatum
"Vaccinium atrococcum" - Vaccinium fuscatum
"Vaccinium australe" - Vaccinium formosum
"Vaccinium axillare" - Vaccinium ovalifolium
"Vaccinium brachycerum" - Gaylussacia brachycera
"Vaccinium brittonii" - Vaccinium angustifolium
"Vaccinium canadense" - Vaccinium myrtilloides
"Vaccinium cantabricum" - Daboecia cantabrica proteg.
"Vaccinium chamissonis" - Vaccinium ovalifolium
"Vaccinium coccineum" - Vaccinium deliciosum
"Vaccinium corymbosum var. atro" - Vaccinium fuscatum
"Vaccinium dumosum" - Gaylussacia dumosa
"Vaccinium empetrifolium" - Disterigma empetrifolium
"Vaccinium erythrinum" - Vaccinium varingifolium
"Vaccinium floribundum" - Vaccinium mortinia
"Vaccinium gaultherioides" - Vaccinium uliginosum
"Vaccinium geminiflorum" - Vaccinium cespitosum
"Vaccinium hagerupii" - Vaccinium oxycoccos
"Vaccinium humifusum" - Gaultheria humifusa
"Vaccinium lamarckii" - Vaccinium angustifolium
"Vaccinium ligustrinum" - Lyonia ligustrina
"Vaccinium macrocarpa" - Vaccinium macrocarpon c.s.
"Vaccinium macropodon" - Vaccinium macrocarpon c.s.
"Vaccinium maderense" - Vaccinium padifolium
"Vaccinium meyenianum" - Vaccinium calycinum
"Vaccinium microcarpum" - Vaccinium oxycoccos
"Vaccinium mucronatum" - Ilex mucronata
"Vaccinium occidentale" - Vaccinium uliginosum
"Vaccinium palustre" - Vaccinium oxycoccos
"Vaccinium peleanum" - Vaccinium reticulatum
"Vaccinium pensylvanicum" - Vaccinium angustifolium
"Vaccinium pensylvanicum var. n" - Vaccinium angustifolium
"Vaccinium pernettyoides" - Disterigma pernettyoides
"Vaccinium poasanum" - Symphysia poasana
"Vaccinium serpens" - Pentapterygium serpens
"Vaccinium serratum" - Vaccinium vacciniaceum
"Vaccinium sintenisii" - Ilex sintenisii
"Vaccinium uliginosum subsp. ga" - Vaccinium uliginosum
"Vaccinium uliginosum subsp. oc" - Vaccinium uliginosum
"Vaccinium uliginosum var. micr" - Vaccinium uliginosum
"Vaccinium ursinum" - Gaylussacia ursina
"Vaccinium usunoki" - Vaccinium hirtum
"Vaccinium vacillans" - Vaccinium pallidum
"Vaccinium valeri" - Sphyrospermum cordifolium
"Vaccinium yunnanense" - Gaultheria leucocarpa

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