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"Cordia verbenacea" - Cordia curassavica
"Verbena amoena" - Glandularia amoena
"Verbena andrieuxii" - Glandularia teucriifolia
"Verbena angustifolia" - Verbena simplex
"Verbena araucana" - Glandularia araucana
"Verbena aristigera" - Glandularia aristigera
"Verbena aubletia 'Perfecta'" - Verbena canadensis
"Verbena aubletii" - Glandularia canadensis
"Verbena bajacalifornica" - Glandularia bajacalifornica
"Verbena ballsii" - Glandularia ballsii
"Verbena bonariensis" - Verbena brasiliensis
"Verbena cabrerae" - Glandularia cabrerae
"Verbena campacta S M" - Verbena Sparkle Mixed very dwarf
"Verbena canadensis" - Glandularia canadensis
"Verbena cayennensis" - Stachytarpheta cayennensis
"Verbena cheitmaniana" - Glandularia cheitmaniana
"Verbena citriodora" - Aloysia citriodora
"Verbena crithmifolia" - Glandularia crithmifolia
"Verbena delticola" - Glandularia delticola
"Verbena dissecta" - Glandularia dissecta
"Verbena elegans" - Glandularia elegans
"Verbena elegans var. asperata" - Glandularia elegans
"Verbena erinoides" - Verbena laciniata Blue Filigree
"Verbena flava" - Glandularia flava
"Verbena foetida" - Verbena ribifolia
"Verbena glandulifera" - Glandularia glandulifera
"Verbena gooddingii" - Glandularia gooddingii
"Verbena hasslerana" - Glandularia hasslerana
"Verbena hastata Alba" - Verbena hastata Spires White
"Verbena herteri" - Glandularia herteri
"Verbena hybrida Ideal Florist " - Verbena Florist Ideal Mixed
"Verbena hybrida x Scentsation " - Verbena Scentsation Mix
"Verbena incisa" - Glandularia incisa
"Verbena indica" - Stachytarpheta indica
"Verbena jamaicensis" - Stachytarpheta jamaicensis
"Verbena javanica" - Lippia javanica
"Verbena juncea" - Diostea juncea
"Verbena kuntzeana" - Glandularia kuntzeana
"Verbena laciniata" - Glandularia laciniata
"Verbena lappulacea" - Priva lappulacea
"Verbena ligustrina" - Junellia ligustrina
"Verbena lilacina" - Glandularia lilacina
"Verbena lilloana" - Glandularia lilloana
"Verbena lipozygioides" - Glandularia lipozygoides
"Verbena longavina" - Verbena ribifolia
"Verbena macrosperma" - Glandularia macrosperma
"Verbena maritima" - Glandularia maritima
"Verbena marrubioides" - Glandularia marrubioides
"Verbena megapotamica" - Glandularia megapotamica
"Verbena mendocina" - Glandularia mendocina
"Verbena microphylla" - Glandularia microphylla
"Verbena mutabilis" - Stachytarpheta mutabilis
"Verbena nana" - Glandularia nana
"Verbena nodiflora" - Phyla nodiflora
"Verbena officinalis var. graci" - Verbena gracilescens
"Verbena origenes" - Glandularia origenes
"Verbena perennis var. johnston" - Verbena johnstonii
"Verbena peruviana" - Glandularia peruviana
"Verbena phlogiflora" - Glandularia phlogiflora
"Verbena platensis" - Glandularia platensis
"Verbena pulchra" - Glandularia pulchra
"Verbena pumila" - Glandularia pumila
"Verbena quadrangulata" - Glandularia quadrangulata
"Verbena racemosa" - Glandularia quadrangulata
"Verbena radicata" - Glandularia radicata
"Verbena rinconensis" - Glandularia teucriifolia
"Verbena scrobiculata" - Glandularia scrobiculata
"Verbena selloi" - Glandularia selloi
"Verbena setacea" - Glandularia lilacina
"Verbena shrevei" - Glandularia bajacalifornica
"Verbena spectabilis" - Glandularia spectabilis
"Verbena stellarioides" - Glandularia stellarioides
"Verbena stellarioides var. ses" - Glandularia sessilis
"Verbena sulphurea" - Glandularia sulphurea
"Verbena tampensis" - Glandularia tampensis
"Verbena tenera" - Glandularia tenera
"Verbena tenuisecta" - Glandularia aristigera
"Verbena teucriifolia" - Glandularia teucriifolia
"Verbena tridens" - Junellia tridens
"Verbena triphylla" - Aloysia citriodora
"Verbena tristachya" - Glandularia tristachya
"Verbena tumidula" - Glandularia tumidula
"Verbena venosa" - Verbena rigida
"Verbena venosa Polaris" - Verbena rigida Polaris
"Verbena venturii" - Glandularia venturii
"Verbena virgata" - Aloysia virgata

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