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"Veronica acutiflora" - Hebe acutiflora
"Veronica agrestis var. byzanti" - Veronica persica
"Veronica albicans" - Hebe albicans
"Veronica amplexicaulis" - Hebe amplexicaulis
"Veronica anagallis-aquatica" - Veronica michauxii
"Veronica annulata" - Hebe annulata
"Veronica anomala" - Hebe odora
"Veronica armstrongii" - Hebe armstrongii
"Veronica arvense" - Veronica arvensis
"Veronica austriaca 'Shirley Bl" - Veronica Shirley Blue
"Veronica balfouriana" - Hebe balfouriana
"Veronica baranetzkii" - Veronica denudata
"Veronica barkeri" - Hebe barkeri
"Veronica barrelieri" - Veronica spicata
"Veronica barrelieri var. donet" - Veronica donetzica
"Veronica bellidifolia" - Veronica spicata ssp. incana
"Veronica biggarii" - Hebe biggarii
"Veronica birleyi" - Parahebe birleyi
"Veronica bollonsii" - Hebe bollonsii
"Veronica bornmuelleri" - Veronica argute-serrata
"Veronica buchananii" - Hebe buchananii
"Veronica buxifolia" - Hebe odora
"Veronica byzantina" - Veronica persica
"Veronica cana var. miqueliana" - Veronica miqueliana
"Veronica cana var. robusta" - Veronica robusta
"Veronica carnosula" - Hebe carnosula
"Veronica carsei" - Hebe carsei
"Veronica cassinioides" - Hebe cassinioides
"Veronica catarractae" - Parahebe catarractae
"Veronica cerasifolia" - Veronicastrum cerasifolium
"Veronica chantavica" - Veronica biloba
"Veronica charadzeae" - Veronica gentianoides
"Veronica colensoi" - Hebe colensoi
"Veronica coxiana" - Hebe chathamica
"Veronica cupressoides" - Hebe cupressoides
"Veronica dartonii" - Hebe dartonii
"Veronica decumbens" - Hebe decumbens
"Veronica derwentiana" - Parahebe derwentiana
"Veronica didyma" - Veronica polita
"Veronica dieffenbachii" - Hebe dieffenbachii
"Veronica diosmifolia" - Hebe diosmifolia
"Veronica divergens" - Hebe divergens
"Veronica dorrien-smithii" - Hebe dieffenbachii
"Veronica elliptica" - Hebe elliptica
"Veronica erecta" - Hebe erecta
"Veronica evenosa" - Hebe evenosa
"Veronica gibbsii" - Hebe gibbsii
"Veronica glabrifolia" - Veronica borissovae
"Veronica glaucicaerulea" - Hebe pimeleoides
"Veronica glaucophylla" - Hebe glaucophylla
"Veronica godefroyana" - Hebe godefroyana
"Veronica grahamii" - Parahebe birleyi
"Veronica greyi" - Hebe vernicosa
"Veronica hectorii" - Hebe hectorii
"Veronica hederifolia subsp. he" - Veronica hederifolia
"Veronica hederifolia subsp. si" - Veronica sibthorpioides
"Veronica hederifolia subsp. tr" - Veronica triloba
"Veronica hololeuca" - Veronica spicata
"Veronica hookeriana" - Parahebe hookeriana
"Veronica imbricata" - Hebe imbricata
"Veronica kemulariae" - Veronica gentianoides
"Veronica kotschyi" - Veronica kotschyana
"Veronica laeta var. arenosa" - Veronica arenosa
"Veronica laevis" - Hebe venustula
"Veronica latifolia Royal Blue" - Veronica austriaca ssp. teucrium Royal Blue
"Veronica leiophylla" - Hebe leiophylla
"Veronica lewisii" - Hebe lewisii
"Veronica ligustrifolia" - Hebe ligustrifolia
"Veronica longiracemosa" - Hebe longiracemosa
"Veronica lyallii" - Parahebe lyallii
"Veronica lyallii var. suberect" - Parahebe lyallii
"Veronica lycopodioides" - Hebe lycopodioides
"Veronica macrantha" - Hebe macrantha
"Veronica maritima" - Veronica longifolia
"Veronica martini" - Veronicastrum caulopterum
"Veronica matthewsii" - Hebe matthewsii
"Veronica menziesii" - Hebe menziesii
"Veronica menziesii var. divari" - Hebe divaricata
"Veronica Minor (err.)" - Veronica spicata Nana Blue Carpet
"Veronica montana" - Hebe subalpina
"Veronica monticola" - Hebe subalpina
"Veronica muelleri" - Parahebe planopetiolata
"Veronica myrtifolia" - Hebe myrtifolia
"Veronica nevskii" - Veronica biloba
"Veronica nigricans" - Veronica peduncularis
"Veronica nivalis" - Parahebe hookeriana
"Veronica obovata" - Hebe obovata
"Veronica obtusata" - Hebe obtusata
"Veronica odora" - Hebe odora
"Veronica orchidea" - Veronica spicata
"Veronica pageana" - Hebe pinguifolia Pagei
"Veronica parviflora" - Hebe parviflora
"Veronica perfoliata" - Parahebe perfoliata
"Veronica pimeleoides" - Hebe pimeleoides
"Veronica pinguifolia" - Hebe pinguifolia
"Veronica pontica" - Veronica aznavourii
"Veronica propinqua" - Hebe propinqua
"Veronica prostrata ssp incana" - Veronica spicata ssp. incana
"Veronica prostrata var. sennen" - Veronica sennenii
"Veronica pubescens" - Hebe pubescens
"Veronica rakaiensis" - Hebe rakaiensis
"Veronica rigidula" - Hebe rigidula
"Veronica rotundata" - Hebe rotundata
"Veronica rupicola" - Hebe rupicola
"Veronica salicifolia" - Hebe salicifolia
"Veronica salicifolia var. palu" - Hebe salicifolia
"Veronica salicornioides" - Hebe salicornioides
"Veronica sartoriana" - Veronica arvensis
"Veronica saxatilis" - Veronica fruticans
"Veronica septentrionalis" - Veronica longifolia
"Veronica serpylloides" - Veronica macrostemon
"Veronica sibirica" - Veronicastrum sibiricum
"Veronica speciosa" - Hebe speciosa
"Veronica speciosa var. imperia" - Hebe imperialis
"Veronica spicata" - Veronica spicata
"Veronica spicata subsp. incana" - Veronica spicata ssp. incana
"Veronica spicata x Delight Mix" - Veronica spicata x Sightseeing Mixed
"Veronica subsessilis B P" - Veronica sachalinensis Blue Pyramid
"Veronica teucrium" - Veronica austriaca ssp. teucrium
"Veronica teucrium Royal Blue" - Veronica austriaca ssp. teucrium Royal Blue
"Veronica tournefortii" - Veronica persica
"Veronica townsonii" - Hebe townsonii
"Veronica traversii" - Hebe traversii
"Veronica tripartita" - Veronica czerniakowskiana
"Veronica trisepala" - Hebe diosmifolia
"Veronica tubiflora" - Veronicastrum tubiflorum
"Veronica venustula" - Hebe venustula
"Veronica virginica" - Veronicastrum virginicum

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