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"Acetosa vesicaria" - Rumex vesicarius
"Basella vesicaria" - Anredera vesicaria
"Brassica vesicaria" - Eruca vesicaria Wild Rocket
"Corydalis vesicaria" - Cysticapnos vesicaria
"Eruca vesicaria ssp sativa" - Eruca vesicaria Wild Rocket
"Eruca vesicaria subsp. pinnati" - Eruca pinnatifida
"Eruca vesicaria var. aurea" - Eruca pinnatifida
"Robinia vesicaria" - Sesbania vesicaria
"Vesicaria alpina" - Physaria reediana
"Vesicaria angustifolia" - Lesquerella angustifolia
"Vesicaria arenosa" - Lesquerella arenosa
"Vesicaria argyraea" - Lesquerella argyraea
"Vesicaria auriculata" - Lesquerella auriculata
"Vesicaria densiflora" - Lesquerella densiflora
"Vesicaria globosa" - Lesquerella globosa
"Vesicaria gordonii" - Lesquerella gordonii
"Vesicaria grandiflora" - Lesquerella grandiflora
"Vesicaria grandiflora var. pal" - Lesquerella pallida
"Vesicaria kingii" - Physaria kingii
"Vesicaria lasiocarpa" - Lesquerella lasiocarpa
"Vesicaria lescurii" - Lesquerella lescurii
"Vesicaria lindheimeri" - Lesquerella lindheimeri
"Vesicaria montana" - Lesquerella montana
"Vesicaria purpurea" - Lesquerella purpurea
"Vesicaria recurvata" - Lesquerella recurvata
"Vesicaria schaffneri" - Lesquerella schaffneri
"Vesicaria sp." - Aurinia sp. unident.

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