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"Rhamnus vitis-idaea" - Breynia vitis-idaea
"Spinovitis davidii" - Vitis davidii not to Europe
"Vitis acapulcensis" - Ampelocissus acapulcensis
"Vitis arborea" - Ampelopsis arborea
"Vitis arizonica var. glabra" - Vitis arizonica not to Europe
"Vitis armata" - Vitis davidii not to Europe
"Vitis bainesii" - Cyphostemma bainesii
"Vitis bracteolata" - Tetrastigma bracteolatum
"Vitis brevipedunculata" - Ampelopsis brevipedunculata
"Vitis capensis" - Rhoicissus tomentosa
"Vitis capreolata" - Tetrastigma serrulatum
"Vitis caribaea" - Vitis tiliifolia
"Vitis cirrhosa" - Cyphostemma cirrhosum
"Vitis cordifolia" - Vitis vulpina
"Vitis erythrodes" - Rhoicissus tridentata
"Vitis flexuosa var. wilsonii" - Ampelopsis bodinieri
"Vitis glandulosa E" - Ampelopsis glandulosa Elegans
"Vitis gongylodes" - Cissus gongylodes
"Vitis grantii" - Ampelocissus africana
"Vitis henryana" - Parthenocissus henryana
"Vitis heterophylla" - Ampelopsis brevipedunculata
"Vitis himalayana" - Parthenocissus semicordata
"Vitis hypoglauca" - Cissus hypoglauca
"Vitis imperialis" - Ampelocissus imperialis
"Vitis kaempferi" - Vitis ficifolia
"Vitis kiusiana" - Vitis heyneana
"Vitis lanata Roxb." - Vitis heyneana Roem. - Schult.
"Vitis latifolia" - Ampelocissus latifolia
"Vitis leeoides" - Ampelopsis leeoides
"Vitis longii" - Vitis acerifolia
"Vitis longii var. microsperma" - Vitis acerifolia
"Vitis pallida" - Cissus pallida
"Vitis pentagona" - Vitis heyneana
"Vitis pentaphyllum" - Gynostemma pentaphyllum
"Vitis planicaule" - Tetrastigma planicaule
"Vitis pterophora" - Cissus sulcicaulis
"Vitis quadrangularis" - Cissus quadrangularis
"Vitis quinquangularis" - Vitis heyneana
"Vitis reticulata" - Vitis wilsonae
"Vitis rhombifolia" - Cissus rhombifolia
"Vitis rufotomentosa" - Vitis aestivalis not to Europe
"Vitis serjaniifolia" - Ampelopsis japonica
"Vitis sinica" - Ampelopsis sinica
"Vitis sinica" - Amelopsis sinica
"Vitis solonis var. microsperma" - Vitis acerifolia
"Vitis sulcicaulis" - Cissus sulcicaulis
"Vitis thunbergii" - Vitis ficifolia
"Vitis trifolia" - Cayratia trifolia
"Vitis vinifera Apiifolia" - Vitis vinifera Ciotat
"Vitis vinifera Gros Colman x A" - Vitis vinifera Appley Towers
"Vitis voinieriana" - Tetrastigma voinierianum

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