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"Ceratozamia boliviana" - Zamia boliviana
"Macrozamia denisonii" - Lepidozamia peroffskyana
"Macrozamia pauli-guilielmi sub" - Macrozamia plurinervia cit
"Macrozamia spiralis var. secun" - Macrozamia secunda cit
"Zamia angustissima" - Zamia angustifolia
"Zamia boliviensis" - Zamia boliviana
"Zamia calocoma" - Microcycas calocoma cit
"Zamia cupatiensis" - Zamia ulei
"Zamia cycadifolia" - Encephalartos cycadifolius cit
"Zamia debilis" - Zamia pumila cit
"Zamia horrida" - Encephalartos horridus cit
"Zamia integrifolia" - Zamia pumila cit
"Zamia kickxii" - Zamia pygmaea
"Zamia lindenii" - Zamia poeppigiana
"Zamia muricata var. picta" - Zamia picta
"Zamia ottonis" - Zamia pygmaea
"Zamia picta" - Zamia variegata
"Zamia polymorpha" - Zamia loddigesii svs cit
"Zamia polymorpha" - Zamia prasina
"Zamia roeslii" - Zamia roezlii
"Zamia silvicola" - Zamia pumila cit
"Zamia splendens" - Zamia verschaffeltii
"Zamia variegata" - Zamia picta

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